Available Warehouse Space Along Euclid Ave in Des Moines


The space at 4121 Dixon Street is located in Des Moines and has 177,431 square feet available for lease. This property is also demisable. This is a great space for businesses looking for a large warehouse. The building is structured with Tilt-Up Concrete Panels, and has an EPDM Roof which is extremely durable synthetic rubber. EPDM roofing is the most durable and reliable compared to other roofing for warehouses. The space has an open floor plan with 17 docks which would be a great spot for businesses to have multiple trucks unload at the same time while having ample space. On the inside, the space is equipped with an ESFR sprinkler system which is commonly used in high piled storage allowing early suppression and fast response to any fires. The whole warehouse is heated as well, allowing employees to work in the winter while staying warm. The space also is equipped with LED high bay lighting with occupancy sensors which are very efficient, bright, and long lasting. 


The property is situated between Interstate 80, Interstate 35 and Interstate 235. It is also accessible from Euclid Ave, Highway 69 making it a perfect place for a warehouse. The property is neighbored by Hyvee, Aldi, and multiple gas stations. The placement between the Interstates allows drivers easy access and efficient trips when going to and from the warehouse. 


The space is priced competitively low compared to other warehouses in the area with similar square footage and features. Sitting at the price of $3.25 per square foot, the space is priced around $1 cheaper than competitive warehouses. This space offers newer features while staying below the market price per square foot making it an ideal place for businesses to lease. 


Agents: Darin Ferguson, Craig Crossland